A filmmaker and photographer based near Vaasa, Finland - creating memorable aftermovies and cinematic commercials

Dream it
we'll create it!
With a Proof of Competency we can with assurance and proper safety deliver high quality 5.1K/4K video footage as part of - or main body of any project. Whether you're looking to promote a product, document a special event, or create any film project, we have the expertise and passion to bring your vision to fruition along with exceptional drone footage.
Aftermovies are the heart and soul in marketing and brand-awereness of any live-event. A well made aftermovie is what sets the true vibe for the next event you're organizing - mainly because that video is exactly what is being shared from one viewer to another in order to pump up expectations. A successful aftermovie recaps the mood, the feelings, the emotions - all to raise the excitement.
With simplicity in mind - we create a beautiful yet realistic portrayal of the product your business has to offer, with great attention to detail. And all of this driven by captivating storytelling which is the heart of any good cinematic video. Videos may be used in any form of marketing on social media or online websites.

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