Filmmaking &
 content creation

Every small or medium sized business has a unique story to tell, this is what sets them apart from giant corporations, and we aim to bring that story to life in a way unseen before. We offer a range of tailored filmmaking services and photography for your company, designed in a way to elevate your business to another level.

With both photography and video capability we strive to optimize our shooting days for maximum efficiency, including both product photography as well as video shoots. This is a cost-effective way of using resources and time to let you focus on your own work. More demanding projects are split into different shoots naturally.
Let's talk about
 filmmaking gear

The secret is that it's not the tools, but the know-how. Regardless we're excited about our gear which is the following: Our past projects were shot on the Sony Cinema line FX30. And more recent projects with the full-frame Sony A7S III. For the rest, we've paired it with a 5" or 7" on-set monitor for precise previewing on set and for the optics - we've invested in a full set of anamorphic lenses for the true cine-look and other lenses are from Sigma for their superior optical performance.

Photography lenses are wide-zooms and a picked selection of primes for stunning portrait or product shots when needed.
We see things
 from above
We have A1/A3 certification and thus are allowed to legally operated drones in Finland following a subset of regulations. No worries, we'll cover the hazzle - you'll get the footage. The drone is equipped with a 5.1K / 4K videocamera offering amazing photographs and videos for your project. We've done aerial surveillance to drone shots in videos, it's just an amazing tool.
Oh, and we filmed
in a helicopter
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